Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Little Framed Magnetic Chalkboards

I have made a few of these simple framed magnetic chalkboards to try to sell at the upcoming craft fair. 

They are super easy, just find a frame with a 5x7 opening.  Paint it if desired.

Then get some 5x7 shingle flashing.  (I found mine in the roofing department at Lowe's.  It was awhile ago, so I don't remember exactly how much this package cost, but I know it wasn't expensive.) Paint one side of the metal piece with chalkboard paint and let it dry overnight, then prime it as explained in this tutorial.

Remove the glass from the frame and replace it with your chalkboard surface.  Put everything back together.

At this point, your cute chalkboard is ready for use.  Get out the chalk and write or doodle to your hearts content.
Add a cute magnet, and this chalkboard can also be used to hold notes, cards, etc.
So cute and so, so easy!!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Knob Boxes

I have been busy getting ready for a craft fair I am participating in this weekend.  I made these little knob boxes to sell, but I like them so much, I am afraid I am going to price them a lot higher than I normally would, in hopes that I will get to keep them for my office space.  If someone is willing to pay what I am planning on asking, then they can have them, anything less, and I would prefer to just keep them for myself.

They were simple to make.  I found the unfinished boxes at the Target dollar spot a few months ago.  I simply painted the outside a nice, soft gray color and oiled the inside to bring out the natural wood grain.

I then added a black and white knob to each one.  I like how they coordinate without completely matching.

Yup! I would definitely be happy to keep these cute little knob boxes.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

This and That

My boys are back in school, so in addition to the normal cleaning, laundry, meals, etc. around here, I have been able to accomplish a few other fun things.

I made a couple of cute zippered pouches for my sister. 

I made several more simple zippered pouches out of some scrap fabric and little zippers I had on hand.

For these, I used the same method as explained in my tutorial here.

I cut out my latest quilt project - - can't wait to start sewing on it!!

I made a new big batch of cream of chicken soup mix. (Recipe found here.)  This mix is great.  I use it in all my recipes that call for canned cream of chicken soup and my family has never noticed the difference.  This is so much cheaper and less processed that I am never buying the canned stuff again.

It feels great to finally accomplish a few things other than the "essentials."

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Tiny Laundry Room Reorganization

This summer I made a few changes to my very small laundry room to make it a little more functional for our large family.  This laundry room reorganization has made a big difference and has made tackling laundry for a large family much easier.  I apologize for the quality of the pictures in this post, there is absolutely no natural light in our laundry room and it is so small, it is hard to get pictures from good angles.

First - - the before:

I had one shelf in this room for storage and it was way too high to be easily accessible.

We had a door into this room that took up a whole lot of valuable wall space.

We removed the door from this room and put nice molding around the door frame.  This allowed us to make room for sorting bins along that wall.  I found some tall laundry baskets and then just used vinyl on the wall behind each of them to help everyone know where to put their dirty laundry. The boys are still learning how this works, but it is getting better and better all the time.

Next to the sorting bins, I have a bookcase that holds large bins for each of my boys' clean clothes.  Once I fold their clean clothes, I put them in their labeled bins and then they take them to their rooms and put them away as part of their daily chores.  We have had this system in place for several months and it works great!!

I labeled each of the boys' bins with a wood cut-out that I painted green and then cut their names out of vinyl and applied them to the wood.  The cut-outs are attached to the bins with glue.

We installed three shelves over the washer. The bottom two are much more easily accessed than the one before.  The top one is tougher to get to, but I store stuff up there that I don't need regularly.  It is nice to have gained a lot more storage space in this room.  I also "went shopping" around my house for some prettier containers to hold my laundry supplies.  And because I get asked all the time - I will just tell you - the tennis balls are thrown in my dryer with my pillows and duvets that have been washed.

We installed a small closet rod between the top shelf and the wall to allow me to easily hang up stuff that I don't want to put in the dryer, or clothes that need to be hung immediately out of the dryer.

We also painted the walls in this room a soft blue-gray with white trim.  I love the colors!!  I wish these pictures did them justice.

And now, for a couple of final looks at this room from the doorway . . .

Making this room over has been one of the best things I have done to this house in a long time.  It was worth all the time and the minimal amount of money we had to put into it. The laundry room is so much more functional for our family, and it is a much more pleasant place for me to work.

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