Thursday, September 21, 2017

Grain Free Raspberry Thumbprint Cookies

I have been trying to eat a little bit better lately, but I still need a little something sweet now and then.  I ran across this recipe from Texanerin on Pinterest awhile ago, and decided to give it a try, since it is grain, and dairy free, and the sugar content is fairly low for a cookie.

I was won over by these little shortbready like cookies.  I make a batch of them and then just put them in my freezer to be eaten when a sugar craving strikes.  They hit the spot every time.

You can find the recipe here at Texanerin.

As I was reading through the comments, both on Pinterest and her website, I found that quite a few people had trouble making these cookies, and they didn't turn out that great, so, since I feel like the ones I made were delicious, I decided I would walk you through some of the things I did, and hopefully they will turn out for you as well as they did for me.

Apparently, the type of Almond flour and Coconut flour really matters in the success of this recipe.  These are the brands I used.  I found them both at Sam's Club.  You can also buy the almond flour from Amazon.  I couldn't find the coconut flour I used on Amazon, but I think the Bob's Red Mill brand would work just as well. (Affiliate links below)

Once I have opened these bags, I keep them in the freezer, so that requires me to measure out the amount I need for the recipe in advance and let it come to room temperature before baking these cookies. (Trust me on this one, the only time I have had these cookies flop on me was when I tried to hurry too fast and made them with these flours fresh out of the freezer.)

This is what my cookie dough looked like after mixing.

I used my 1 tablespoon cookie scoop to portion out the dough before rolling into balls.  The dough is a little crumbly, so I always have to squeeze the dough together before rolling.

Here are the cookie dough balls once I have made the thumbprint indentations in them.  When I first pressed my thumb into them, the edges were quite a bit more ragged than this, but a couple of presses with the fingers and they  were looking more rounded like I wanted.

Fill them with jam and they are ready for the oven!

And here they are all baked and in my freezer container ready to be popped in the freezer as my emergency sugar stash.

I love these little almond raspberry thumbrint cookies.  If you are gluten free, or cook for someone who is, or if you are simply trying to reduce the amount of wheat in your diet, give these a try.  I think you will be happy you did.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Child's Table Makeover

Today, I am sharing a favorite little corner in my house.

This little table and chairs has been a favorite of my kids for years, ever since my oldest was a toddler.  All these years later, my youngest two (now seven and six) still use it.  They love to have breakfast, lunch and snacks there.  They also like to use it to color, paint, or build with Legos.  It has been a great little set.  It hasn't always looked like this though.

The only picture I could find of it in its previous state, was this one in the nursery in our previous house.  It doesn't look bad in this picture, but trust me, by the time I got around to making it over, it was in serious need of it.  My boys had not been easy on it.

I figured as long as I was making it over, I might as well make it a little more fun.  So, I painted the table a soft gray.  I painted one chair a fun green color, and the other a pretty aqua. (Colors, I liked and would go with our dining area, but also were boy friendly.)  I finished off the top with a food safe clear coat, and this little table has been holding up beautifully for the last few months!

The bouquet that decorates this table, (and that I sadly cut the top off in this picture), was made for me by my then first grader for mothers day this year.  The flowers are his hand prints that have been wrapped around pipe cleaners.  He was so excited to give it to me, and I love it!  It is the perfect little decoration for this table.  He loves it, and it makes me happy, so I imagine it will be staying for awhile.

I love those flowers, I love this table, and I love the little boys that sit at it!!

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Back at It!

I have been so busy with building a house, moving into a house, and trying to finish a house that I have not made a quilt or even worked on a quilt for almost two years!!!  Today - - I finally cut one out!! It feels good to be back in the game.
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